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I am currently updating two blogs, one titled, "Unfiltered 20th Century Light" and another tiled "The New Christian Year"

Unfiltered 20th Century Light is a blog devoted to Home Movies I have collected in the 16mm format. These remnants of our collective past have been made since the 1920's but have been made all but extinct by the advent of video in the 1980's and on. I have collected random home movies offered for sale in garage sales and on Ebay for years. This is a year long experiment in posting at least one home movie per day for a year onto youtube and turning it into a blog. I hope you like it.

Last christmas (in 2004), I began blogging to share a devotional text chosen by an English Author named Charles Williams, a poet, novelist, theologian, literary critic, and teacher. His most famous works were his novels, but he was most gifted as a poet, teacher and theologian. Most often associated with the inklings (a group of christian writers including J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis) Williams was much broader in his scope than just the oxford set. He is cited as a major influence on W.H. Auden's conversion to Christianity and he was a peer and friend of T.S. Eliot.

His two books of devotionals "The New Christian Year" (1941) and "The Passion of Christ: Being the Gospel Narrative of the Passion with Short Passages Taken from the Saints and Doctors of the Church" (1939) did not contain a single line of his devotional writing. Rather they collected writings from throughout christian history that ministered to the faith. His choices were novel at the time, referencing Kierkegaard in the first decade of his arrival in print in English (Williams helped oversee the editing of the first translations of Kierkegaard in England) and drawing upon the little known sermons of the famous poet John Donne. The quotes printed here are the proper quotes for the church calendar year starting with the first Sunday in Advent November 27th, 2005.

When the season of lent comes, the texts from THE PASSION OF CHIRST will supplement the quotes from THE NEW CHRISTIAN YEAR. This text has passages from the Gospel accounts counterbalanced by quotes from the "Saints and Doctors of the Church".

To the best of my knowledge these texts are in the public domain. The Charles Williams Estate did not claim copyright on them, and neither has the original publisher.


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